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POSITION : Theragun Student Educator

JOB FUNCTION : Provide Education support for Teams, Athletes, Events, Gyms.

REPORTING TO : Master Educator Germany

Following completion of the Theragun Trainers course, participants will be offered paid

opportunities on an Ad-Hoc basis.

These opportunities will be best suited for students with flexible schedules.

Rates and Terms will be dependent on the level of qualification to be mutually arranged by both parties.


€15 – €25 per hour Education & Event Support

Qualified Theragun Educators will deliver Education & Event Support (3-6 hours duration).


Theragun is the original high-frequency, high-amplitude neuromuscular percussive therapy

device which provides muscle activation, recovery, and pain relief.

Founded by chiropractor, Dr. Jason Wersland we are a bold, deeply authentic company driven

to provide relief to people with body pain. Above all, every day, we strive to make our

customers know we truly care about them.


Theragun is partnering with Universities to offer a select group of students the

opportunity to become an officially certified Theragun Educator.

Theragun is looking for passionate people to join their Education Team.

You will play a vital role in bringing Theragun’s culture, principles, and values to life by

supporting the delivery of well-being programs, activations, and events locally and across


This role is an incredible opportunity to use your academic learning in a real-world

environment and develop a deeper understanding of your field of study. Getting on-the-job

experience and individual mentoring from the industry leaders in percussive therapy will be an invaluable asset to take forward with the next step in your career, with on-the-job learning and individual mentoring.


This is a unique and forward-thinking opportunity that will see each successful individual

enjoy the following benefits:

● Exciting opportunities to grow within the sport & wellness industry

● Work and train in a dynamic team with like-minded individuals

● Use and demonstrate cutting edge technology

● Potential paid role upon completion


The role:

Representing Theragun at events centered around wellness, professional sport, as well as

education workshops within fitness facilities and health clinics (Physiotherapist,

Chiropractor etc) through demonstrations on the correct application of percussive



Individual guidance and mentoring from Director of International Education and Master Educator Germany.

Time commitment:

Must be available to commit to Introduction Day with the Theragun Education Team.

Entry Requirements:

Sports- and Physiotherapy Students, and those students who are studying a short course in the following: massage, personal training, sports science, strength and conditioning etc.

The person:

● Passionate about the well-being industry, good food, and fitness

● Has an outgoing personality, with great interpersonal skills

● Committed to self-development and the development of others

● Friendly, helpful, pro-active team player who is committed

● Physically active

● Reliable and excellent time-management skills

● No prior knowledge of Theragun required

● Multilingual a bonus


What is percussive therapy?

Percussive therapy is deep muscle treatment using rapid and long vertical strokes into the

muscle tissue causing a neuromuscular response. Professional-grade percussive therapy

combines the science of our amplitude, frequency, and torque – the essential triad required to relieve pain, improve movement and aid in recovery. Theragun uses these three principles to provide a deeper and more effective massage than any other device.

Upon completion of the Theragun Master Trainers course, you will learn the essential skills to

effectively use the PRO for personal use and have the knowledge to help your clients use

Theragun to activate their bodies and recover better through percussive therapy.

We anticipate the course to take a total of 5 hours.

By the end of the course you will:

• Understand the basic science behind percussive therapy

• Understand the benefits and effects of using the PRO

• Know how to set up and apply the PRO for effective personal use

• Gain the knowledge needed to instruct others how to use Theragun on themselves

• Understand the principles of the 3-6-5 method to reach the desired outcomes when

using the PRO.

To apply, please send your application to:

SVEN BADTKE / Master Educator Germany


Um sich für diesen Job zu bewerben, sende deine Unterlagen per E-Mail an sven.badtke@therabodycorp.com